Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thor's Day Thrift!

I was scouring the internet for free, and beautiful, embroidery designs yesterday.  (Finding designs that are both beautiful and free seem as rare as spotting a pink polkadot unicorn because, quite honestly, the vast majority of the free digital embroidery patterns are quite distasteful!)  However, to my surprise, I happened upon a European digital embroidery website from Russia which housed a gorgeous bunch of digital embroidery rowan berries with appliqué leaves!  I have yet to observe such a distinctly European and British motif available through an American digital embroidery website.  This motif would be perfect for one's Altar Linens and Ritual Robes at Samhain, because rowan is a magickal herb of both Samhain and Beltane, as well as the "red food of the dead".  I shall definitely be downloading this motif for safekeeping as I am unsure of my entry-level dual embroidery-and-sewing machine will be capable of stitching the image out!  The limitations of my machine's embroidery space is a square of four-by-four inches, and the smallest size that this embroidery design is available in is 4.57-inches x 4.12-inches!  So, that slight extra size has me concerned.

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